Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new movies to love

This break I've found myself seeing more new movies than I have in a while. In the past week, I've seen Sherlock Holmes, The Princess and the Frog, and Avatar in theaters (Avatar in 3-D, of course), and a bunch of movies I've wanted to see for a while, including Up, Kung Fu Panda, all of the Matrix movies, Angels and Demons, and Gone in 60 seconds. I think this may make me an official movie aficionado...but then again, maybe not. Anyway, all of the movies I saw in theaters were good - Sherlock Holmes was your typical mystery action film, but the presence of beautiful people like Rachel McAdams and Jude Law made it more enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to another if they decide to make it. The Princess and the Frog was a bit dark for a Disney movie, but the hand-drawn animation was a throwback to the good ol' days of Disney movies - can you say nostalgia? And Avatar was amazing, although somewhat disturbing...I definitely identify with the compassionate-treehugger side of things, and parts of the movie were therefore quite upsetting to me. But still a fantastic movie - excellent plot, excellent acting, really really cool special effects...i mean, giant blue people and floating mountains and bioluminescent flora and fauna was great. (and my biology mind was going a little crazy trying to figure out the science of it all)

If you're only going to see one movie this month, I'd say go for Avatar, but make sure you pay the extra $3 to see it in 3-D - it's worth it. :)

peace and love.

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