Sunday, July 5, 2009

my life (not-so-much) on camera

my camera is broken, so posts are going to be photo-free for a while. but that doesn't mean i still can't have fun, right? right.

because it's me, no blog would be complete without at least one music suggestion (or new obsession). this week? i have a few:

one of my sister's best friends burned a cd for her - lucky for me, it ended up in my car, and i've fallen in love with a few songs, namely "Arc of Time" by Bright Eyes, and "The Wanting Comes in Waves" by The Decemberists.

i also recently discovered more songs i love from a band I already love. If you've never heard of the duo known as the weepies, go look them up right now. they are AMAZING and i love them. my newest discovery of theirs is a song called old coyote. it makes me smile.

I found a quote on the Post Secret twitter today that made me think. It was RT from TWLOHA (an organization I already love): "If you knew you could reach every person in the world with one sentence, what would it be?" 

I tried to think of what mine would be...i'm still not sure. it might only be three words: you. are. loved.