Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I (still) love babies! :)

We've now started the second week of school after a long weekend (thank you, Dr. King) that consisted (for me at least) of festivities on Friday night, a pajama-and-movie-filled Saturday, an equally chill Sunday, and a few hours of service for MLK day. All in all a great weekend, but not much work done, and for some reason, still some level of sleep deprivation. Today has been wonderful though - in my Christian Marriage and Family Life class we talked about open vs closed households and the idea of communal interdependence. I'm in love with the idea of an open household - people always around & dropping by, neighbors doing favors for each other, waving to each other on the streets, having BBQs in the cul-de-sac. We went to a brunch at a friends' house after mass the Sunday after Christmas, and they had Christmas cards bordering the entire window over their sink and around the windows in their dining room. It started me thinking how wonderful it would be to be connected to that many families - enough so that when Christmas comes, you get more than 50 Christmas cards!!

Tuesdays are even better starting this week, simply because I get to babysit little Emry for 4 hours. That's 4 wonderful hours of playing, singing, adorable baby noises, and the like, that have made me fall completely in love with this little man. He's just beautiful. With the March for Life coming up, of course abortion is on the mind, and it blows my mind to think that anyone could ever not want something so precious as a child. Just thinking about anyone hurting Emry, or any of my baby cousins, makes me so upset, and they're not even my children. How could anyone hurt such an innocent, precious, beautiful little baby? Hanging out with Emry seems to have convinced me even more (like I needed convincing...) that life is so precious, and we need to do all we can to protect it. The March on Friday is so so important, to give a voice to the unborn, and to let people know that abortion isn't the only solution, and that taking a life shouldn't ever be a solution. A child is a gift, not a problem or a punishment, and we need to show the world that we care. We need to change hearts in order to turn our country from a culture of death to one of love and of life.

peace and love :)

ps. for more info on the March for Life, click here.

For a great video on being pro-life and changing hearts, click here. (make sure to watch both parts!)

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