Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Psalm 24

we have a book of some of the Psalms adapted from the Hebrew, and this one really stuck out to me as I was flipping through it this morning. I've been ruminating on it all day.

The earth belongs to the Lord,
  and everything in it is his.
For he founded it in empty space,
  and breathed his own life-breath into it,
filling it with manifold creatures,
  each one precious in his sight.

Who is fit to hold power
  and worthy to act in God's place?
Those with a passion for the truth,
  who are horrified by injustice,
who act with mercy to the poor,
  and take up the cause of the helpless,
who have let go of selfish concerns,
  and see the whole world as sacred,
refusing to exploit her creatures
  or to foul her waters and lands.
Their strength is in their compassion;
  God's light shines through their hearts.
Their children's children will bless them,
  and the work of their hands will endure.
                                   -Adapted by Steven Miller

What do you think?

peace. :)

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